Rendering Sublayouts in Sitecore MVC

I have recently been tasked to plan for a Sitecore MVC transition in one of our projects, and to be honest it's a lot more work than I had imagined since our default ASPX layout file has a bunch of statically added Sitecore sublayouts in it which unfortunately will never run on a View file. Then it dawned … Continue reading Rendering Sublayouts in Sitecore MVC


Mocking Sitecore using MS Fakes

Mocking Sitecore has been a tough nut to crack since Sitecore lacks the necessary interfaces that common mocking frameworks need, which really screws up automated testing for a lot of us. For that we turn to isolation frameworks like TypeMock and Justmock which unfortunately come with a huge price tag. Thankfully Microsoft Fakes is here … Continue reading Mocking Sitecore using MS Fakes

Update local ASP.Net website without publish

With Visual Studio’s publish functionality you can conveniently preview how your web project behaves and looks like on your local IIS web server. With that said, I believe publishing makes sense only if you’ve done significant changes since, depending on how big your project is, it may take some time to sync your deployable project … Continue reading Update local ASP.Net website without publish